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Child Molestation Charges and Defense

Child molestation is a tragic crime that occurs frequently in the United States yet many times remains unpunished. Often laws that are made to protect children also end up protecting criminals by keeping records of molestation cases sealed to the public. Many times child molesters never serve time because reports against them are never adequately substantiated. Many times a first complaint by a child may not be taken as seriously and will remain unsubstantiated until more complaints come to the forefront. While it is true that there are cases of molestation where the criminal gets away, there are also molestation cases that are false and where innocent people end up accused and in jail.

Child molestation is a fairly broad term including inappropriate touching, exposing genitals to a child, showing pornography to a child, and engaging in normal or deviant sexual activity of any type with a child. Many times children are coaxed or bribed into sexual activities with an adult. There are also cases of molestation where the molester forces a child or threatens a child to convince them to participate in some form of sexual activity. Often in substantiated cases of molestation the guilty party was actually a person well known by the family and often someone they trusted.

Child molestation is a serious crime and is usually considered a capital offense. Molestation can result in a maximum sentence of life in prison just the same as other capital offenses including murder. In the past many offenders convicted of child molestation have got away with serving little actual jail time, but lawmakers have been realizing this and cracking down on actual jail time served by serious criminals such as child molesters.

Due to the seriousness of child molestation charges and the large amount of jail time that can be sentenced if convicted it is important to find legal help if you have been charged with child molestation. It is imperative that you find a lawyer who specializes in defending such cases. If you are innocent you do not deserve to spend your life behind bars and finding the proper attorney can assist you with continuing your life in freedom. Knowledgeable legal counsel can inform you of your rights and options and deal with your specific case to bring about a positive outcome for you. Remember that child molestation charges are serious and you should not attempt to deal with them on your own. Find a qualified and helpful lawyer today.

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