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Pimping/Pandering Charges and Defense

Pimping and pandering are both usually considered felonies and can result in a minimum of three years in prison if found guilty. The minimum sentence of three years is a mandatory one so no judge even has the option to sentence anyone to any less than three years if convicted. Pimping is a rather broad term and can include several different acts. Pimping can include offering or agreeing to get a prostitute for another person, arranging a meeting of people for the purpose of prostitution, and giving directions to a physical place knowing it is for prostitution. It can also include receiving money or other valuables from a prostitute, which was earned in some way by prostitution, and aiding in or commanding commission or profit from a prostitute. Pandering is basically defined as soliciting a person to perform acts of prostitution for him, or bringing people to a specific place with the purpose of having them solicited as prostitutes.

Pimping and pandering are both considered serious offenses and are considered offenses against public morals. Charges of pimping and pandering are taken seriously and if it involves the solicitation of a person under age 17 it becomes even more serious and can bring about even more serious charges. Involving a minor will result in extended prison time being added to the other prison time to be sentenced. There can be added penalties as well if any of the activities dealing with pimping and pandering was known to take place within 1000 feet of public places where children are known to be, such as schools, churches, and playgrounds.

There is a slight difference between pimping and pandering. Pimping is usually viewed as a general intent crime, which means being charged with pimping only requires that you have done certain specific acts. However, pandering is usually considered a crime of specific intent and the acts that are committed must have been done with a specific intention. To be convicted of either pimping or pandering the prosecution must prove that the crime has occurred. These charges are serious and can result in jail time and fines depending on the specifics of the case. If you have had these types of charges brought against you it is important to find a defense lawyer who specializes in this type of law. A knowledgeable lawyer can assist you in knowing your rights and options and work to assist you in the specifics of your case.